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Webinar series on
"Science-based targets for biodiversity"
At the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD-COP15) in October 2020, a global post-2020 agenda for biodiversity will be agreed by 193 states. Defining global goals on biodiversity is expected to be a key outcome of this COP15. This will have consequences for all societal actors, not least the business and finance community. Finance and business are therefore increasingly interested in setting science-based targets (SBTs) that contribute to the emerging post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.
This webinar on ‘Science-based targets for biodiversity: state of play and finance & business perspectives’ was organised by the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform in collaboration with UNEP-WCMC and SBT Network. It aimed to attract leading organisations working on the development of SBT for biodiversity, businesses and members of the EU Finance@Biodiversity Community of Practice (EU F@B Community). This webinar built on a ‘growing commitment to biodiversity by the finance sector’ expressed by the EU F@B Community during the European Business and Nature Summit
This series comprised of three separate webinars.  
Objectives and scope of the webinar
Webinar 1 (24 March)
The objectives of the first webinar were to:

  • Take stock of the state of play and explore best practices from leading businesses and financial institutions on establishing SBT for biodiversity.
  • Take stock of SBT initiatives and targets underway with scientific experts

Documents related to Webinar 1 are available here:

Webinar 2 focused on “Allocation” - How to share the efforts between various actors of society to achieve global goals on biodiversity”. This webinar provided an overview of existing scientific methods to translate global biodiversity goals into actionable targets for countries and businesses, and associated methods to allocate contributions to each actor. Following initial presentations, the webinar sought input from attendees on the most appropriate allocation methods from the perspectives of the private sector and financial institutions.

Documents related to Webinar 2 are available here:

Webinar 2 (2 April)
Webinar 3 (16 April)
Webinar 3 presented bottom-up approaches available to corporates and financial institutions that wish to define and measure SBT on biodiversity at landscape level. Key challenges such as how to define the ‘Safe Operating Space’ and how to allocate corporates’ share were discussed. The webinar will also explored how top-down approaches can contribute to solving these. 

Documents related to Webinar 3 are available here: